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Jason McClain Podcast


As a mentor, coach and 30-year entrepreneur, Jason McClain has sought to help people find their true passion in both business and life. He has built and sold more than a dozen companies over his career and is considered a seasoned expert in his field, having established a presence in the dot com and online space for the past 20 years.


In 2015 alone, McClain's online efforts earned more than $10 Million. His 50,000 hours in business building have been spent across various industries with companies including an online marketing agency, divorce filing service, bankruptcy service, credit repair company, children's vending company, and a legal forms website, to name a few. Each of his companies are not only unique, but seem to pave the way to the future in the industry it serves. He has had the privilege of employing hundreds of employees throughout the U.S., UK and other countries as well. Due to his proven success, McClain is highly sought after by businesses across the world including former clients that have included Home Depot, Dish Network, Columbia House, Comfort Systems USA, and Dell Computers.

"Success is a process, not a point of arrival."
-- Jason McClain

Going beyond just business accomplishments, McClain is also known as a motivator for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. He has authored several books including Life Can Change: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities and Mind Over Money: Discover How to Get the Riches You Deserve. Having experienced many ups and downs in his life, McClain has found a way to take the pain of a circumstance and give the power to the person, to create a path to their personal freedom.

Early History:

For 10 years out of his 30-year career, McClain managed and ran one of the most successful online marketing companies on the web. He used his time at PrimeQ Interactive Advertising to create unique co-registration technology to increase user engagement in the online advertising space, develop interactive website systems to predict user behavior and create a revenue generation solution that monetizes emails in ways that had never been done before.

Early in his career, he founded what was then the largest ministry marketing agency in North America, The Christopher Group, where he successfully created more than 100,000 different marketing and advertising projects and worked with more than 2,300 churches. Taking the idea that every business or non-profit needs to have the right image, McClain took the time to invest in clients and organizations to help them grow. During this time, McClain was able to work with groups such as the Make A Wish Foundation, Crenshaw Christian Center, and West Angeles COGIC.

One of his longest running ventures is likely the most impactful in the world today. It is a unique as it is clever. MyDivorcePapers.com is an online divorce technology that serves people looking to get a divorce, annulment or legal separation but don’t have the money to hire an attorney. McClain created a technology that allows a customer to answer a series of questions, click a few buttons and get a divorce from the comfort of their home in all 50 U.S. States and Canada. Founded in 2002, this business has served millions of people looking to start their lives over.

"The only true way to make your residual revenue is to build a business around a residual need."
-- Jason McClain

Today, McClain continues to build new businesses and marketing systems that allow the average person to break away from the ordinary and start to live life on their own terms. From speaking engagements to training millions of viewers, he continues to be a trailblazer in his pursuits.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look:

McClain is just as ambitious and generous in his personal life as he is while at work.

Seeking to always actively be involved in his community, he is currently a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Advisory Council and has served on the board of the Capistrano Unified School District Foundation. He also engages in many philanthropic activities through his non-profit organizations, EntraKids and McClain Foundation.

McClain is well known for his outstanding integrity as well as relied upon for his skills in business development and consulting to bring each business he is involved with to its highest potential. While it is of little surprise to those who know him, and yet simultaneously a great honor, McClain's exemplary character has earned him an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Pentecostal Bible College. He is a leader by title, but more importantly, a leader by example.

McClain has truly mastered work-life balance, making sure he gets quality time with his family and friends. Together with his wife, Sofia, a Registered Nurse, they raise their three daughters and enjoy spending time in the outdoors. In his mind, family will always come first and he attributes much of his success to the support he has received from them throughout the years.

Life Can Change Book Cover

Life Can Change

From the first words in the book, "What will you do with the time you left," Jason McClain's “Life Can Change: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities” is filled with wisdom, experience and honesty to show the reader what it takes to not only be a successful entrepreneur in today's fast-paced world but also, and more importantly, to find the path through the problems we face in life. This book is for anyone who has ever struggled with getting back on their feet, finding their purpose, recovering from an obstacle or just discovering the right way to live a balanced life. It's designed to help you live when you feel like giving up. It's shows you how to explore and appreciate the greatest gift we have ever been given: life.

In this book, McClain offers readers more than an instructional blueprint on success or a solution to dealing with hard times. Instead, he showcases how success in life comes about through a nurtured and maintained effort of giving back. The focus of the book is not meant to just help you attain some version of success. Instead, it seeks to educate you on the difference between living life in a reaction to circumstances and helping you to engage every breath with a deliberate purpose, so you can rise above your past with the strength found in the pain. It's dedicated to help you pave a true path for your personal freedom.

This book is packed with real life ideas and exciting challenges to help you identify why the bad things happened. It is more than a book, Life Can Change is a movement.  You will discover who you really are as you learn from your problems. This book seeks to help everyone take back the pain in their problems and turn the power into the provisions needed to prepare a future, so one can move toward. By understanding why something happened to you, giving you the tools to power through it and showing you how to find the positive in all things, Jason McClain hopes to give you the power to live your life on your terms.


Book Available in mid 2018

Mind Over Money

If you spend, earn or save money then take a second to ask yourself if...

  • You don't make the amount of money you believe you should.
  • You can't seem to find the right path to generate additional income.
  • You always seem to not have enough to make ends meet.
  • Your income fluctuates and is never completely stable.
  • You are under the belief that if you had more money, life would be better.
  • You have tried to earn more, but consistently fall into the same trap.
  • You can't seem to break the cycle and get paid.
  • You need a daily reset to get back in the game of cash.
If you answered "Yes" to any of these statements then this book is for you. If someone paid you enough money, you might do just about anything, right? In Jason McClain's Mind Over Money: Discover How to Get the Riches You Deserve, he takes you on a journey -- a journey into yourself, your choices, your commitments, your expectations and your life. Written by a seasoned entrepreneur, this book offers a practical real-life perspective to showcase the mistakes most of us make when it comes to making or spending money as well as outlines a solution to help you master your ability to earn, save and use money as it was meant to be. Discover the secrets that most successful business owners already know and deeply understand. McClain reveals many of the myths and misconceptions about money that prevent some from claiming their fair share of the dream. Learn how to increase your income, create more wealth and start on the path to financial freedom that you deserve. resd2

Book Available in mid 2018

Over several years, I have helped hundreds of individuals and professionals take their businesses to the next level as well as had the privilege to personally coach and mentor a select group of driven, committed entrepreneurs who seek to exceed expectations. I am currently offering one-on-one coaching and consulting opportunities for those looking to grow their business exponentially. Here are examples of a few areas I can offer my expertise:  
  • Starting and Growing a Business
  • Integrating Marketing Channels
  • Finding the Right Opportunities
  • Building a Team of Qualified Experts
  • Leveraging Assets to Maximize Revenue
  • Tapping Into Residual Revenue Streams
  • Putting Your Mind Over Money
  • Utilizing Traffic and Conversion Data
  • Launching Products/Services
  • Optimizing Sales and Marketing Funnels
  • Building and Nurturing Lists
  • Closing the Profit Gap for Entrepreneurs
  Please be advised that I am only interested in working with serious entrepreneurs who are ready and able to take on the changes that result from us working together.
As a dynamic, eloquent and personable speaker, Jason McClain can provide in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing and business trends, strategies and resources. With more than thirty years of hands-on proven business and marketing experience as well as involvement in the development and management of more than nine companies spanning various industries, Jason pioneers the art of integrating life and business in a way that enables him to live life on his own terms. As a motivational speaker, coach and mentor, Jason shares his millionaire mindset and the experiences that have and continue to bring him financial success with aspiring entrepreneurs, novice to experienced marketers, and anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life. Jason's cutting-edge techniques and innovative ideas allow individuals to surpass roadblocks placed by a demanding and often competitive market place. Jason teaches audience members how to apply his successful methods to a wide range of businesses today. He shares winning tips and detailed expert insight with such topics ranging from discovering your blind spot and getting past goal obsession, to finding what channels have potential to really drive a residual revenue. From those looking to get a leg up on the competition, to those looking to prepare a secure financial future for their family, Jason's presence in a room influences growth on all levels. Jason is available for speaking engagements and guest writing opportunities. Please reach out if you are interested in securing Jason for an upcoming event.


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