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By Jason McClain | May 25, 2016 | 0 Comment

What if you could be paid for Facebook content that you post? It sounds like a dream, right? Facebook has promised us on numerous occasions that they will never charge us to use Facebook, but could they really be taking it as far as paying us to post on Facebook?

Hints From a Facebook Survey

Facebook sent out a survey that presented a number of ways users could get paid for using the social media platform. Some these ideas sound pretty appealing:

  • Virtual tip jar
  • Sponsored content
  • Donations
  • Call to action buttons
  • Revenue share

These aren’t new ideas by any means and some users are already using some of these to monetize their content. It’s also important to note that this survey was only sent out to verified accounts. These accounts are mostly celebrities and this fits with Facebook’s efforts to attract more of them to use it’s features such as Facebook Live.

Don’t get too excited. It doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting paid for Facebook content any time soon through any of these native avenues. However, some of these methods are already available through third party services such as Digital Tip Jar and PayPal.

Facebook Isn’t the Frontrunner for Paid Content

For once, Facebook isn’t the innovator of this idea. YouTube has had a revenue share model in place since 2007, and many users earn a living from the video platform. Facebook has been making a play for a piece of YouTube’s game since making video native to it’s platform and now with the new Facebook Live. Having a “paid for Facebook content” model is the next logical step amid their major moves to compete for the real-time content market that is booming right now with the likes of Periscope and SnapChat Live Stories.

If You Were Paid for Facebook Content, Would You Post More?

I think I would. Who can’t use additional revenue streams? The ability to monetize your social media efforts is useful, but being paid to post on Facebook would really solidify the time commitment. Check out these facts:

  • in the last year, Facebook users have shared 21% less personal status updates
  • Overall sharing is down 5.5%
  • Facebook fatigue is a thing

Obviously, there’s not much information available from Facebook themselves as to when we could expect to start using Facebook to make money. Facebook sent out a survey and we speculate.

The Real Scoop on Getting Paid for Facebook Content

Just last week, Facebook opened up their Instant Articles publishing platform to all users. This is a great opportunity for content creators to take advantage of the wide audience that Facebook commands. Good content will get a lot of attention, so it’s time to figure out how to get paid for posting on Facebook.

How to Monetize Facebook Instant Articles

You can get paid for Facebook content that you publish through Instant Articles. You can sell the ads for 100% of the revenue or use the Facebook Audience Network and Facebook takes a 30% cut. The quicker loading times that Facebook Instant Articles affords publishers can actually increase their readership. The load speed is 10 times faster than mobile web articles and it’s leading to 70% less abandonment and 20% more clicks. Don’t forget to add your email sign-up form to your Instant Articles just because you can!

Wrap Up

This new platform from Facebook is the latest big thing for publishers. It makes LinkedIn’s publishing platform look like a joke. Getting paid for Facebook content is happening and could expand with more options in the future.

Are you currently using Facebook Instant Articles? Have you monetized them? Are you getting paid for Facebook content using some other method? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




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