Jason McClain’s Project Management Platform Evaluation

By Jason McClain | October 5, 2016 | 0 Comment

It’s time for my project management platform evaluation. We’ve covered a good number of different products and platforms ranging from email marketing to funnel building tools. If you follow my blog, you are gaining a ton of great knowledge about Internet marketing as a whole. You may even have some projects in the works. Now it’s time to select a project management platform to keep yourself and/or your team on task. Let’s jump in!


Basecamp has an all new version out for 2016. Basecamp is robust and it integrates easily with Google services like Drive and Docs. It provides a platform to organize everything from teams to the files needed to complete a project in one place. Everyone knows what’s going on and the overall status of the project without sending out a barrage of emails. Messaging, chat, file sharing, and to-do lists are all contained inside Basecamp for easy access by each person involved.


Teamwork project management has you covered when it comes to integrations like Google, Dropbox, and Box. Cloud storage and access are important when it comes to project management platforms because work often requires sharing a range of different files from documents to images. You can collaborate with your team and your clients using both desktop and mobile devices. Get organized even if the screen tends to look a little busy. Teamwork is a cost-effect way to manage your projects.


Trello is relatively new to the game of project management, but has already established itself as a strong player with a solid following. It is atypical of most project management platforms in that it’s free and allows you a kind of quick view of your overall project. The Trello project management platform consists of virtual note cards that you use to communicate with your team and share messages, files, and more. It’s definitely not for everyone, but could be just what your project needs.

Lean Kit

Lean Kit is another unique platform. The overall interface is in a flowchart-type format that allows you to see the big picture while still viewing the moving parts behind the project. Lean Kit integrates with an insane number of other tools and platforms to provide ultimate functionality for any business. Take it on the go since they, too, have mobile apps. If you like flowcharts, you’ll dig Lean Kit.


Jira is my pick of the bunch. If software is your game, then Jira is your controller. You can plan, track, and launch your projects from the type of workflow that you like best. More than 100 add-ons will ensure that you get the biggest bang from your project management platform. With integrations for the tools you already use to mobile flexibility, Jira is the same platform enjoyed by the likes of eBay, Spotify, and Tesla. It is second to none if software is your schtick.

Wrap Up on This Project Management Platform Evaluation

Stop the chaos. Never lose another email, file, or important element to any project ever again. Use this project management platform evaluation to make your choice. You will be gobsmacked at how much more efficient your team will be when they can manage projects in a flow that makes sense. You’ll never wait for another status update because you and your team will be able to pull up a project and view the progress in real time.

Make sure that you select a tool with great documentation that doesn’t have too sharp of a learning curve. Your people should be able to learn a new project management platform with one quick overview video and about a week of initial time to break it in. The platform should be intuitive, not clunky.

Are you using a different platform from the ones we have listed here? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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