5 Time Management Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Business

By Jason McClain | August 21, 2016 | 0 Comment

Is time management one of those aspects of business that makes you groan when someone mentions it? Time management can really be a point of contention if it is something that you or someone on your team struggles with. It is the catalyst that can take a project from winning to standstill in a matter of moments. In order to increase and maintain efficiency in your business, it is necessary that you have some tools designated solely for fending off the time management problem. Let’s see what we can come up with.

1. Make a Plan

Begin your day (or start the night before) making a plan on how you will execute today’s tasks. It’s a lot less stressful to know what you are supposed to be doing when rather than going through the day jumping from task to task without ever really getting anything done. Be proactive, and go ahead and plan your week or month as well. Even the roughest schedule is still a schedule. You will be surprised how organized you suddenly are once you start planning and scheduling out your days, weeks, and months.

2. Start Early

Yes, yes, we all know you’re not a morning person. Studies have shown that people who wake earlier accomplish more than those who don’t. By rising earlier, you have sufficient time to think, plan, and even exercise if you want. Having a solid early morning schedule will make your more productive throughout the day. Most people who rise early find that they are more calm, can anticipate problems more easily, and are more creative. Seriously, give it a try and see if it doesn’t transform you as a business person.

3. Spend Less Time On Email

Did you know that the average worker sends and receives up to 190 messages per day? Emails can be a necessary evil of doing business, but writing emails isn’t really counted in the productivity scheme of things. Sure, some tasks will depend on effective email communication, so obviously you can’t scrap it altogether, but you can schedule the times you check it. Consider checking it in the morning, before lunch, and at the end of the day rather than all through the day. That way, email becomes a task you do rather than a distraction from the task you should be doing.

4. Learn To Say No

This is not a license to run and tell your boss “no”. This is for those who have fired their boss. Being able to say no is a skill. As humans, most of have a genuine desire to help others especially if it can get us a step further up the social ladder. It feels really good when you know you’re helping someone too. However, sometimes, the best thing is just to say no. If you don’t have the time or skills needed to tackle a project, then it’s best to leave it for the next person. Saying no will help you stay focused on your own objectives and give you the room to get things done rather than just something else to prioritize and move around on your calendar.

5. Use Time-Saving Tools

There is certainly no shame in soliciting the help of a few tools to save you some time. I’m a huge proponent of great online tools. There are a lot of smart guys out there who build their business around creating tools to help guys like me succeed, and for that, I am grateful. You might even find a few that are designed to help you plan our your time, get up earlier, spend less time on email, or even turn down a deal.

Wrap Up

This is a fairly short list of tips, but it’s powerful. If you were to select just a couple of these and implement them in your business this week, I bet you would save yourself some time. Give it a try and let us know how it worked out in the comments!



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