5 Business Travel Tips You Don’t Want to Ignore

By Jason McClain | September 4, 2016 | 2 Comment

5 Business Travel Tips You Don't Want to Ignore

Business travel tips can be a godsend whether you are a seasoned traveler or new to the game. There is always something you didn’t think of. If you travel for business at all, then you know that it can run the gamut of human emotion. Essentially, you are doing your company’s bidding while schlepping everything you need near and yon for varying periods of time.

You run into all kinds including people that you wish you could present with this article. There’s newbie travelers, crying babies, and that one person on the whole plane with overactive bladder who is inevitably seated next to you. Here you are in the midst of it all having an easier experience than most because you read this article!

Business Travel Tips for Professionals

Business travel isn’t for the faint of heart. Anything can happen…anything. You gotta pack as if it is going to happen directly to you without the bulk. You also don’t want to travel with an empty wallet because most of the things that can happen will cost money to fix. Let’s jump in.

  1. Pack as light as humanly possible or just use a flexible baggage situation.
    Firstly, you don’t want to have to check any baggage. Airlines charge for checked baggage, and this has complicated things a bit. No one wants to check bags, so they buy the largest bag that will still fit in the overhead bin. They also have the option of dropping a few extra bucks to board the plane early and fill up the overhead bins. They are doing it wrong!You best strategy is to pack two bags. One should be the maximum size that will fit under your seat. You know you’re guaranteed that space. The other should be easy to cram in whatever space is available in the overhead bins. Do a little research on the dimensions of the space under your seat before your trip.
  2. Pack the appropriate cords and adapters.
    If you’re traveling outside the U.S., you don’t want to find yourself in Thailand with your European adapter. You won’t be able to plug anything in! Double check your plug situation and check what your destination country outlets are using WhatPlug.info.Also, if your smartphone and other devices charge with a USB port, just charge them using your laptop. This cuts down on dragging 15 cords you don’t need and remedies the situation of too few outlets in some International hotels.
  3. Pick the right security line.
    No, the “right” security line isn’t necessarily the shortest! Take a moment and observe all the security lines. Take note of things like families with small children or people with unusual baggage and avoid them if possible. Choose the line that seems most efficient in terms of personnel and travelers.
  4. Create and execute an efficient boarding routine.
    Don’t be that person rummaging through your carry-on bag while everyone waits for you angrily in the aisle. If necessary, pack items such as reading material in a separate bag inside your carry-on. That way when you arrive at your seat, you can grab that bag and put the rest away quickly.
  5. Eat and sleep properly while you are en route.
    Consider eating before your flight to maximize your sleeping time. If you plan to sleep most of your flight, snag a window seat so you don’t have to get up every time someone wants out. It goes without saying that if you are traveling for business, that you should avoid drinking alcohol on the plane, but avoid it! Also, steering clear of heavy meals is a good idea as well. Keep things light and happy, and your travel will be light and happy.

Wrap Up

There you have it: my best business travel tips from a guy who’s been there. If you only follow one piece of travel advice, I’d say go with the packing tips. Most travel problems that arise are going to be related to luggage whether it’s yours or someone else’s, so pack smart and light. I’d love to hear from you in the comments! What tip helped you the most?



26 September, 2016 Reply

You are right Jason, for a business trip, one really should pack light and easy. I also like the tips on the light eating and non drinking or heavy. I would like a bit to cool my nerves down. I hardly sleep in the air most of the time. Yes, I prefer window seats to look out and also not to be disturbed by moving parts especially those with lose bladders haha!

26 September, 2016 Reply

I totally forgot about the space underneath my seat. I really like these travel tips as I enjoy flying and traveling light.

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