Graphic Design Round-Up: July Edition

By Jason McClain | July 20, 2016 | 0 Comment

Graphic Design Round-Up: July 2016 Edition

Graphic design is a fun, and often colorful, niche to follow. Given that it is the visual essence of branding, there is always something interesting to see. Graphic design is one of those mid-century booms that found a sustainable place among business culture, and for that reason, I try to keep up with current graphic design news. Let’s round it up!

NASA’s Famed Graphic Design Manual Can Be Yours

Who knew that NASA set the standard for graphic design in the mid-70’s by releasing a manual. The first and only run printed only 40 copies which are now highly collectible. Don’t worry, though, a New York graphic design firm raised more than $800,000 on Kickstarter to recreate the manual and it’s going for just $79. The information about logo placement on everything from uniforms to the space shuttle is quite interesting and gives the reader insight on the graphic design requirements in use at the time. Of course, some of the theory is obsolete, but it’s interesting nonetheless. By the way, you can grab a PDF version of the manual free from NASA’s website. You’re welcome.

The Instagram Logo Freak-Out of 2016

Instagram unveiled a new logo and interface last month to an unhappy user base, at least that seems to be the case. There was much ado regarding the stark change from their familiar retro camera logo to a more colorful and modern alternative. The graphic design changes were limited only to the logo as they changed pretty much all of the colors of their interface. It now sports a clean, black and white motif that makes images stand out nicely. I figure this will blow over much like the Facebook Timeline controversy from 2012. No one remembers what Facebook was like before.

HP’s New “Premium” Logo is a Reject From 5 Years Ago

Obviously, the manufacturer of the thinnest laptop as of this writing needs something to differentiate it from their normal line, right? The rejected logo is adorning the Spectre 13 model of their Spectre line. The logo consists of 4 slanted lines of various size, including intentional curves to create the HP. This graphic design was created by Moving Brands and actually rejected by HP 5 years ago. They still sport the traditional logo they’ve had for 75 years.

Fun Map Tool Lets You Make a Map of Anywhere

Maps are a really cool graphic design element, and if you’ve used them in designs before than you’ll love this great new graphic design tool. Grafomap lets you create a map of anywhere. You can create beautiful maps of more obscure cities and towns and buy a print. You won’t find these online anywhere else. I think it’s a rather inspiring graphic design tool.

The Process of a Sports Team Logo Update: Sacramento Kings

Sacramento hired RARE Design to retool their new logo. This is the same graphic design firm who also did recent rebrandings for the Charlotte Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks. The company combined old and new elements by keeping the royal theme and the purple color scheme. The new iteration is a clean and concise logotype that will carry the Sacramento Kings into the future. Seeing the process and understanding which elements they kept and why is a lesson in rebranding pretty much anything. I really think there is an art to embracing the new while holding fast to the old and RARE Design killed it with this logo.

Wrap Up

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to focus on in these round-ups and I want to make sure I’m serving my audience in the best way possible. Please let me know in the comments what kinds of topics you want to know about graphic design. I enjoy bringing the news, but perhaps a tool as I’ve included here is also useful. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my next round-up!



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