Jason McClain’s Affiliate Network Platform Evaluation

By Jason McClain | August 3, 2016 | 0 Comment

Affiliate Network Platform Evaluation

Hey everyone, it’s Jason and I want to share my affiliate network evaluation so you know which affiliate network platform to use. If you are reading this and you are new to the idea of affiliate marketing or you don’t know what it is, it is when you promote someone else’s products, and earn a commission when a sale is generated by your efforts using your unique link. I have made a lot of money with various affiliate network platforms. Making money as an affiliate is simple because the product creation is done for you.

Best Affiliate Networks

Let’s check out a few of the more popular networks out of the top 20:

  • Rakuten Linkshare – In close competition with CJ, Rakuten Linkshare allows affiliates to partner with many popular brands. There are a few things you will want to consider about this affiliate network platform: you must qualify to promote for each advertiser, it is a trustworthy Internet company around since the mid-90s, and some advertisers do have physical products. Overall, Rakuten Linkshare is a good way to diversify your affiliate marketing success
  • CJ by Conversant – Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ is considered a professional company with a possible technological edge over other affiliate networks. It is popular because of it’s large selection of products and services available to promote, as well as being easy to join
  • Amazon Associates – The Amazon affiliate network platform is often the entry point for many beginners. It leads the way because it is super easy to use and there is such a wide array of products to promote — almost the entire Amazon catalog. There is money to be made here, but you’ll want to promote the bigger ticket items
  • Clickbank – The emphasis here is on digital products only that cover every niche from weight loss to make money online. With more than 17 years online, Clickbank has staying power and it’s the first choice for many online merchants. It’s one of the most simple networks to promote

These are all great places to start making money online; however, I left one off this list because I think it’s the absolute best. I want to cover this one in more detail. That affiliate network platform is Click Promise.

What is Click Promise?


My main objective is to help you achieve your own affiliate marketing success. A great way to start is to begin promoting campaigns solely driven by Click Promise. Click Promise is essentially an affiliate network, but it’s also more than that. It can handle things like:

  • PPC traffic generation
  • Monetization of your email list
  • Find affiliates for your products

Why Should You Choose Click Promise?


First of all, the application and approval process are simple. You can add any Offer on Click Promise to your My Offers tab and start promoting. They all pay a commission, and most of them are pretty generous.

I wish there had been a network like Click Promise when I first began in affiliate marketing. I truly feel that I would have seen much greater affiliate marketing success as a result.

Click Promise is also the only affiliate network in existence that takes you from Affiliate Marketer to Publisher seamlessly.

There are essentially 3 levels of of marketing:


  • Amateur – buying traffic from resellers and sending to products
  • Pro – sending traffic through a landing page to build an email list and processing leads through a system to the products
  • Authoritative – Pro level above plus owning the products being promoted

With Click Promise you can be all three and you can actually transition from one to the next and have the tools you need all on the same affiliate network. No one else is doing that and that’s why Click Promise is the best.

Wrap Up


Don’t take just my word for it. Get in there and test these affiliate networks for yourself. It’s completely free to join them all and begin promoting products within 24 hours. That, my friends, is powerful!



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